About Us

Our Background



Green Light Drones is an aerial video and photography company committed to ensuring our clients receive the highest quality images for weddings and events, real estate, advertising, film, inspection and much more.

We apply background knowledge of film and media in the context of all our projects. Our background knowledge in traditional film and media allows for more creative imagery, photographic and composition techniques, steady operation, and greater attention to detail.

Our Approach


 Green Light Drones is dedicated to providing the highest quality level of service to its clients.

  • FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilot and Certified Visual Observer 
  • Compliant with government regulations
  • Insured
  • In-house Editing
  •  Premium footage produced in 4K
  • On-Demand Waivers (where permissible)



Government regulations on the use of commercial drones for aerial photography or video are a top priority for Green Light Drones.

We continually review the latest literature and advisement mandated by the FAA to ensure full compliance at all times.

Each project is carefully reviewed against an interactive airspace map to view controlled airspace, meet efficient drone operations, check safety standards, and request on-demand authorization approvals for areas with flight restrictions (where permissible).

What to Expect


 We are passionate and fully dedicated to creating content that is personalized to the unique needs of our clients at a competitive price.

  • Call back within 24 hours of initial request
  • Free consultation 
  • Initial site visit / planned shoot
  • Competitive prices
  • Tailored aerial photography or video solution
  • Creative input to best serve project
  • FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilot and Certified Visual Observer
  • Insured
  • Project oversight from inception to completion
  • Premium footage produced in 4K
  • Convenient online accessibility to content via Dropbox or Google Drive